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 Whether you're business is brand new, or you haven't invested in our online presence in a long time, Jedwin help.

Get setup for success with a professional, lead-generating online presence that helps you grow your business.

With Jedwin's Digital Marketing Services

Have you neglected your online presence?

If you haven't worked on your online presence, or you don't have an online presence, you're falling behind the competition and missing out on market share.

Jedwin's Digital Marketing Services is your Solution

The modern world of business is filled with challenges. More and more customers are going online to find products and services. A brick and mortar location is only part of the modern business model. Jedwin has been helping businesses build and grow their online presence for over a decade. The internet is our backyard and we have successfully launched numerous businesses into the online world and have nurtured them to success. With a long history of successfully coaching everything from new startups, to billion dollar companies to success, Jedwin has the experience and technical expertise to help you get online and succeed in the new digital age.

 Getting your business information listed right will really help people to find your products and services. Jedwin will get you listed on Google Business Listings with a bold clear statement of who you are and how to reach you.  

What Jedwin Can Do For You

Lead Generation Ad Campaign

Website Build

Online Listings

A modern, lead-generating, mobile-friendly website is your store front to the world. Our team researches your market segment, analyzes the competition, consults with you, and produces a state-of-the art website that meets your needs.

Social Media Integration

In today's competitive market, your business needs to be online, outcompeting your competition with future-ready elements that connect with your customers where they are, and a digital marketing strategy that drives business and prospects to you. Our solutions are data and research driven. No more guess work or trial and error, this is marketing science at its finest. Our basic Digital Marketing package delivers the following elements to get you going. 

All of your customers are on social media and you can take your business directly to them. Jedwin will get you set up on the right platforms to connect with your target demographic and teach you how to effectively use them. 

Now that you're online, we need to inject you with rush of new business. Together we'll select the right combination of online ad campaigns and start driving new customers and new revenue directly to you. 

Expected Results 

At Jedwin we've had great success with our Digital Marketing campaigns, particularly when clients stick to a disciplined blue-print and focus on the data-driven big picture. Results vary based on the industry and how committed the client is to the plan, but in general our digital marketing setup will have you quickly back in the game, and competing with the competition. We can help you pull ahead and grow your revenues. You can expect to see a growing return on your investment, increasing awareness of your brand, a growing customer base, and more black in your books.  

You are the only client we will work with in your sector. We are exclusive to you.

Why Choose Jedwin

At Jedwin we’ve been engaging in Digital Marketing campaigns for over a decade. Our institutional knowledge has been tried and tested and our hard-won experience from numerous industries is at your service. As a full-service marketing agency with a digital focus, we offer big-picture thinking and technology-driven marketing methods that tie into your campaign and compliment your overall business strategy.

We Are Dedicated To You

Jedwin succeeds when YOU succeed, which means your priorities are our priorities. 

Our Commitment

We Are Your Team

When you work with Jedwin, we are your team with your best interests at heart.

We Are Exclusive To You

Featured Clients

Online Ad Campaign

Social Media Setup

Our basic Digital Marketing setup for businesses focuses on kick-starting a new and effective online presence for you. Your setup includes access to our Marketing Strategist, Creative Director, and Marketing Analyst. 

Our Marketing Management Consultation package is available for a fee and broken down into a series of payments which span the multi-stage process. Here's what our setup process looks like, broken down by stages and deliverables.

At the end of your campaign, you have the option of taking the keys to your online resources and ad campaigns and managing them yourself, or continuing on with Jedwin as your dedicated Marketing Team.

Discovery and Analysis

Google Listings Setup

2 Weeks of intensive research, analysis, and segment evaluation by our experienced team to develop benchmarks and useable data.


Consultation Sessions

1 Half-Day Executive Consultation and Planning Session to deliver actionable advice and strategies for the full program.

Jedwin gets you set up on the right social media outlets to connect with your target demographic. Then we show you how to use them.

Website Build

Jedwin wades into the dark end of the internet to clean up your online listings and make your business easy to find and easy to contact.

Our design team gets to work and builds out a modern, mobile-friendly, lead-generating website to act as your storefront to the world.

We execute a series of target, data-driven ad campaigns to generate new online leads, increasing your customer base and revenues.

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