Make Your Business Stand Out in a Compelling Way

A successfully marketing strategy cultivates a unique brand to distinguish itself from competitors while helping to reach new customers through both online and offline techniques. Ask us how.

with Jedwin's Marketing Services

Leaving your business' marketing success to chance?

That's an expensive risk to take in an overwhelmingly competitive market.

With data in hand, our team meets with you to hammer out a facts-based, step-by-step marketing blueprint that addresses your challenges and will improve your business for years to come.

Our team of marketing experts work with you to develop a strategic plan to market your business, product or service. By researching the current market and finding out what your competitors are doing, we can help you to make strategic decisions with mitigated risk. Successful marketing can achieve great return and reach potential customers that, without effective marketing efforts, would otherwise pass you by.

Through branding and identity development, goal identification and strategy development, the Jedwin Team can help refresh your existing clientele, or launch a brand new product or service offering. We make recommendations for your company based on findings and data, not just feelings and design.

 Effective strategies respond to shifting ground, so our team monitors and adjusts your media purchases and campaigns, based on quantifiable data, to make them as profitable as possible. 

What Jedwin Can Do For You

Jedwin Marketing is your Solution

Position Your Brand

Strategize a Strategy

You can't improve what you don't measure, that's why we start every consulting job with thorough research into your market assessment and your business practices to see what we have to work with. 

Analyze Your Competitors

Our business experts, marketing specialists and graphic designers can work with you to identify your business goals and objectives. We then work toward developing a business identity that will set you apart from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. We also put our balanced approach between traditional and online advertising channels to work for you. 

Expected Results 

When you choose Jedwin for your marketing needs, you can expect results. You will receive a brand to act as your calling card to the outside world, as well as a well-thought out plan to market and promote this brand to your target market. Part of our strategy will include taking advantage of every platform available to help offer you the most exposure and the widest reach possible. Lastly, we will brainstorm with your team to develop new product and service offerings from your company that can be marketed and promoted. 

You are the only client we will work with in your sector. We are exclusive to you.

Why Choose Jedwin

At Jedwin, we are committed to making your business, our business. We take the time to get you know your industry and business model before making any recommendations. We also consult with you, the business owner, to learn as much as we can and gather intel before jumping in. We embrace both online and offline marketing techniques to ensure that our clients are getting the widest reach, but also analyze the data to ensure the greatest return on investment. Jedwin is your competitive advantage in a saturated world of marketing promises.

We Are Dedicated To You

Jedwin succeeds when YOU succeed, which means your priorities are our priorities. 

Our Commitment

We Are Your Team

When you work with Jedwin, we are your team with your best interests at heart.

We Are Exclusive To You

Featured Clients

Using what we learned through discovery, we develop a long-term marketing strategy that incorporates both online and offline media platforms for you to implement.

Our comprehensive consulting process includes Discovery, the development of a Brand and Logo, and the development of a Marketing Strategy to promote the newly developed brand. A dedicated consulting team works closely with you to ensure we cover all angles of Marketing, including our Marketing Strategist, Creative Director and Brand Analyst.

Our Marketing Management Consultation package is broken down into 5 payments which span the 3 stage process.

We work to get a clear understanding of your business goals before hitting the drawing board. Our designers incorporate that vision into a viable brand.

Discovery Work


We perform a full assessment of your current marketing strategy and identify new opportunities. We also consult on new brand development prior to initiating the design work.

Marketing Strategy

Branding & Logo Design

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